Wampler Ego – Sound Clips 1


Bass: Nordy VP/J5 (both PU’s on, preamp on: bass +10%, treble +10%)

Strings: Dunlop Rounds (nickel, 45 – 125, fresh)

Cable: DiMarzio EP1700

Interface: SPL Crimson

DAW: Logic Pro X

Drums: Toontrack EZ Drummer & Spectrasonics Stulys RMX



Round 1: The Basics

Compression is about handling dynamic peaks. I guess any playing style could introduce peaks every now and then, but obviously you also find fundamental, dynamic differences between various playing styles such as muted, fingerstyle and slap.

In this first example, I go through these three particular playing styles (4 bars of each) and the Wampler EGO is punched in throughout the take.


Bar 1-4: Mute

Bar 5-8: Fingerstyle

Bar 9-12: Slap


I think the EGO does a great job keeping the basic dynamics characteristics of each playing style under control, and it actually makes them co-exist within the same groove without overly squashing the sound. Good job Wampler!