This space is all about bass. Especially effect pedal reviews and shootouts. Think of it as a free online magazine, but without any rules on when or how often new content is published. It will simply be added when ready…

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I often felt that there was a lack of methodical sound examples of effect pedals when browsing the web for reviews or demos. Especially for bass.

The vision for this website is that – over time – you will be able to find any pedal you might be looking for and listen to it in a bass context using a variety of settings. Quite possibly an impossible mission, but you gotta start somewhere, right?

The demos are made as reviews and I share my opinion on each pedal, but opinions are by definition subjective, so please do feel free to disagree, and most importantly, listen to the sound clips and you be the judge whether a certain pedal might be the right one for you.

Ultimately, bass-pedals.com is a labour of love – and whole lot of fun!




If you think I should test a certain pedal, just shout. (I’ll try my best to get one.)

If you’re a manufacturer and want me to review your pedals, just shout.

If you have suggestions or just want to comment on whatever, just shout.


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