Telling the world about your brand and products is key. No news there. On you can do exactly that for less than the cost of a Facebook post boost, or a day of AdWords…


Who can I Reach?

In short, dedicated bass players – and more specifically bass players who are into pedals and effects. But of course they are also into basses, amps, cabs, strings, pickups, lessons, etc.


How does it Work?

At this point, we’re keeping things simple, offering ad spaces on a monthly basis.


What does it Cost?

Ultimately, the raw CPM (cost per 1,000 impression) is what it all boils down to. We can’t offer 6 or 7-figure impressions per month (yet!), but we can definitely compete on the basic CPM price.

The average price per CPM on the major ad networks, such as Google’s Display Network, is hard to determine. But a rough estimate in this market would be between $2.5 – $5 depending on product, season, country, etc.

At first, traditional media publishers ported print impression values to online channels, asking $25-$50 per CPM. Over time, the prices have come down, though, but still not anywhere near the ad network benchmarks.

We do think that contextual ads are more valuable than ad network impressions. Yes, you can target based on interest or retarget former web visitors, but not necessarily when they are in that contextual mode and mood.

We offer highly contextual impressions to dedicated bass players at prices close to display network CPMs.

We guarantee that you’ll reach way more bass players here in 3-6 months than you would through one ad in any bass magazine in the world. And at a mere fraction of the cost of a single print ad.


How do I get Started?

No matter how large or small your budget may be, we can work something out.

Reach out now and we’ll be in touch very soon.


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