BASS Shootouts

Ever wondered how different a bunch of seemingly similar basses can actually sound? Well, check out the BASS Shootouts now…

Tune into the massive BASS Shootouts where you can cross-listen between 8 Precision basses from 1964 – 2015. Or how about 6 Jazz basses from 1966 – 2015? To make it even more interesting, we also mixed in a few modern, active basses from Fodera (Custom Emperor 5, bolt-on) and Nordy (P/J 5).

We also teamed up a couple of pre-EB StingRay basses for a comparison to a 1992 StingRay.

And as a tribute to the great Leo Fender, you can compare a Fender Precision, a Fender Jazz, a Musicman StingRay and G&L’s L-1000. A nice selection of Leo’s greatest hits from 1966 – 1981.






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