Lefevbre’s Über-Cool Synth Trick

I can’t take credit for this tip. It belongs to Tim Lefebvre, but I’ll pass it on as it’s very, very cool!

Tim Lefebvre is one of the most versatile bass players around. Equally at home in rock, R&B, jazz, electronica and fusion.

And he’s got a very innovative approach to using effects – and one particular trick up his sleeve…


Step 1: Turn OC-2 into a synth

First, turn your OC-2 into a synth by simply turning down all knobs all the way down. Then turn up OCT 1 only, leaving DIRECT and OCT 2 completely out of the signal. Or single out the OCT 2 signal, or the OCT 1 + OCT 2 signals together. It should then sound something like this:


These sound clips are taken from the OC-2 Octave review… 




Step 2: Add drive…

To give it even more of an analog synth feel, add an overdrive pedal after the OC-2. Not hardcore distortion, but something that adds a nice crunch to the tone. Check out the sound that Tim Lefebvre gets in the video below.


Step 3: Step on it!

Finally, the real trick. Stomp away as you play! By punching the OC-2 in and out continuously and in time and you will get a totally wacky sound that flips back and forth not only between the original tone with drive and the analog synth emulation, but also jumps an octave up and down. Unless you compensate and apply the OC-2 when you play high notes only.

The approach is super fun and very creative. Thanks to Tim for sharing this great idea!

Wait for it… Or scroll to around 3:30.


(Click even if the video seems broken)



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