Diamond BCP1 – Sound Clips 1



Bass: Fender Jazz (1972, passive tone control neutral)

Strings: Dunlop Rounds (nickels, 45 – 105, used)

Cable: DiMarzio EP1700

Interface: SPL Crimson

DAW: Logic Pro X

Drums: Loop It Collection


In this first round of sound clips, The EQ is set neutral and then the COMP is gradually being turned from 0% to full on. But first listen to the DRY version to know the raw starting point.



Overall I think the BCP1 Bass Comp does a great job. My favorite settings in this case is probably 25% or 50%. At 75% and 100%, the fingerstyle part is ducked so hard that it comes out as being softer than the muted part. So for overall smoothening, a setting below 50% COMP should work. For more aggressive compression, say for slap or with a pick, you could be perfectly fine in the 50% – 100% range. Next, let’s check out the EQ…