ehx Bass Metaphors – Sound Clips 1


Bass: Fender Precision (1979, rosewood, passive tone control dis-engaged)

Strings: D’Addario Rounds (nickel, 45 – 105, old)

Cable: DiMarzio EP1700

Interface: SPL Crimson

DAW: Logic Pro X

Drums: Spectrasonic Stylus RMX


Round 1: EQ

First let’s hear a dry sample to set the basic premise for the other sound clips.

Now, let’s kill the DRY signal altogether and apply some EQ. Here the TREBLE is set to 9 o’clock and the BASS is at 3 o’clock. The EQ section is turned all the way up and is the only active FX block in this sample.

As you can hear it gets very swampy and soft-sounding. Obviously more subtle EQ settings and blending in the DRY signal would have sounded totally different, but I wanted to demo how the EQ really sounds first. And to be totally honest, I did play around with it a lot for more subtle settings and with/without blending in the DRY signal, and I never really got the sound I was hoping for, so that’s why I jumped directly to the more extreme settings.

Now, let’s try adding the compressor to this EQ setting.