From J to P – Sound Clips 2


OK, here goes… Actually, it was a single event that triggered this whole idea. I usually bring two basses for most gigs. Sometimes I prefer a P most of the time and sometimes it’s the other way around. I love both core tones.

pigrtronix-bass-fat-driveBut one night, I only had a J-type bass with me – actually a modern, active 5-string bass – and at some point I kind of missed the P tone, so I did the usual thing, dialing back the bridge pickup back a bit, but I had also just bought a new (well, pre-owned) pedal that I decided to use…

It was the Bass Fat Drive pedal from Pigtronix. I was not looking for overdrive, so I dialed the GAIN all the way down and did not apply the MORE switch. What I found was that the core tone changed really drastically – and the fundamental tonal change pointed towards the P tone! There was a hint of slight drive somewhere in there, but in the mix, it was not audible at all. The tone did get a little dark, though, so after one tune with this setting, I gave the TONE knob a little bump up to around 70% (the knob is neutral at 50%).

Let’s apply that setting to the J bass sound clip:

I think it works pretty well, but let’s see if we can get even closer…