Mad Professor Blueberry – Sound Clips 1

Round 1: 0% Drive



Bass: Fender Jazz (1972, passive tone control neutral)

Strings: Dunlop Rounds (nickels, 45 – 105, fresh)

Cable: DiMarzio EP1700

Interface: SPL Crimson

DAW: Logic Pro X

Drums: Toontrack EZ Drummer

First off, here is the dry sound of the bass.


Now, let’s hear the Blueberry Bass Overdrive at 0% DRIVE and with the NARURE knob set at 0%, 50% and 100% respectively.


The Blueberry Overdrive is nothing but subtle. Even at the lowest possible DRIVE setting, you take a step into the gritty territory. As you may have noticed – and maybe even spotted from looking at the Soundcloud waveform – some compression is being applied as well. Most noticeably, there is a very big difference in tone once you start tweaking the NATURE knob.

Let’s move on to Round 2, applying 25% DRIVE…