Mad Professor Blueberry – Sound Clips 2

Round 2: 25% Drive


Once again, here is the dry sound of the bass.


This 25% DRIVE setting is probably my favorite area – from 0% to 40% give or take. Therefore, I decided to be quite detailed in this round making sound clips of five different NATURE settings: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

Now the Blueberry begins to really add some dirt and bite. The single most noticeably tonal issue is that the 0% NATURE setting is very dark and while you’d often prefer a drive effect that doesn’t lose low end this setting brings in too much mud for my taste. That said, even from 25% NATURE and upwards it begins to clear up and you can easily find a nice sweetspot within that range.

Next up is 50% DRIVE…