Marcus Miller Sound in 3 Plugs

In a previous article, I attempted to create a Marcus Miller sound with three pedals and mentioned doing the same with plug-ins might be fun. Well, it was fun and here is how to go MM style in three plugs (and a few hammer-ons!)…

I have used a lot of different plug-ins over the years and while I like a lot of them, I find myself keep coming back to the Sonnox plug ins that to my ears have a musical edge that is hard to find anywhere else – especially on the EQ and compressor side. And those two elements – equalization and compression – are the two main ingredients when trying to emulate the Marcus Miller slap sound.

But first, head over to the ‘pedal version’ of this article and read the first couple of sections to get the basics of the instrument side of things:



First we need to establish the raw starting point, so here is a sample of the DRY tone of the Fender Jazz Bass (1972) that I used for this example. The strings are a set of slightly used nickles that are still naturally crisp, yet not sizzling new.








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