MXR Bass Octave Deluxe – Sound Clips 1




Bass: Fender Jazz (1972, passive tone control neutral)

Strings: Dunlop Rounds (nickels, 45 – 105, used)

Cable: DiMarzio EP1700

Interface: SPL Crimson

DAW: Logic Pro X

Drums: Toontrack EZ Drummer


To establish a good starting point for the MID+ switch that will be used for the rest of the sound clips, let’s start to explore the possibilities at hand. To be able to hear what it does with both the GROWL and GIRTH octaves, I decided to set them at around 35% boost, or roughly at 10 o’clock.

First let’s hear a DRY example with no octave and then a version with the octave, but without the MID+ punched in.


Now, let’s hear the 400 Hz setting with +4 dB, +9 dB and +14 dB respectively.


As you can hear, this switch can really make a huge difference. I tended to like the default 400 Hz setting the best for this particular bass, but with a reasonable boost at around 6 dB. Sounds like this.

This will be the setting of the internal MID+ feature for the rest of the sound clips.