NEW Darkglass B7K Ultra

Darkglass is dominating the overdrive pedal market these days, and they keep adding new pedals to their range. The latest is the Microtubes B7K Ultra. The B3K is a modern classic in its effect category (check out our full review and sound clips of the B3K), and later came the B7K that added 4-band EQ to the mix.

Now, the Ultra adds even more features, and the most important are an additional footswitch that allows you to punch in and out the drive and preamp circuits individually. It may sound like a small feature, but it is expanding the versatility by a mile. You also get even more control over the critical LOW-MID and HI-MID EQ bands, as you can now choose between 3 different target frequencies for each of the mid bands.

Finally, Darkglass has added a MASTER VOLUME control. Again, this may sound like something of less significance, but being able to always adjust to unity gain is a great addition.


Would we like to review this pedal? You bet! And yes, we have one and the review is in the works, so please stay tuned and check back soon for a full review and loads of sound clips.


UPDATE! Check out the FULL review here…



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