How to Create Parallel Punch

Punch may be a buzz word. And what is it anyway? To some it is about mid range cut-through-the-mix ability and to others it is more about a strong subsonic presence in the really low end territory.

I guess one view is just as valid as the next. However, for this quick tip, I will focus on the latter. It was actually something that came up during the review of the CaliforniWAH filter pedal and after a brief overview, I will simply point you to a specific part of that review.

In short, the idea is that an envelope filter pedal can be used to create a really deep and ‘swampy’ low-end signal. This signal will have almost no cut-through ability, so it will need to be blended with the dry dignal. In the review you will find some examples breaking this down to individual sound examples, doubling the bass line in a DAW.

Finally, I also discuss the possibility of using this approach i a live context, which was abit more tricky, but adding a blend pedal (in this case a Boss LS-2 Line Selector) and a compressor (in this example a Wampler Ego) did the trick.







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