2 New Super Compressors

The compressor market has been hit very hard in the past couple of weeks. Two of the most promising compressors created especially for bass that I have seen in a long time. One of them is already scheduled in for review, so stay tuned…

Darkglass Super Symmetry

Here is what Darkglass founder, Douglas Castro, says about his new compressor: “The Super Symmetry is everything I always wanted on a compressor. I always felt that compressors that messed too much with my character and, for the Super Symmetry we worked a lot in finding a happy middle ground: It offers all the transparency and precision modern compressors should, but the way it reacts, the envelope effect of it reminds me of some of my favorite all school compressor!”


UPDATE! Darkglass was quick to supply us with a review unit, so here is (possibly) the world’s first full review with sound clips and everything. Check out the NEW Super Symmetry Compressor now:





Origin Effects Cali76 Compact Bass

The main complaint about the original Cali76 has been its massive size. It takes up a lot of real estate one the pedal board, so it makes perfect sense that Origin Effects now releases a series of ‘compact’ pedals. Compct compared to the original, but not jumping on the new mini or micro pedal trend.

Both the Cali76 Compact and Super Symmetry offer parallel compression and The Cali76 even has a side-chain knob that makes it possible to assign the compression to a certain frequency area. very interesting indeed…




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