T-Rex Twin Boost REVIEW

Even though boost pedals can hardly be considered ‘effect’ pedals, there are plenty of them in the market. Most of them are made with driving guitars into gain heaven in mind, but surely you can use them with bass as well…

While many boost pedals keep it extremely simple and does nothing but boosting the clean signal, quite a few also add a few bells and whistles to make them more versatile or add some value for money, offering alternative applications. The T-Rex Twin Boost is such a pedal.



t-rex-twin-boost-control-knobsFirst of all, the Twin Boost is a 2-channel boost pedal that allows you to set up two individual channels. Secondly, it offers a 3-band EQ on each channel.

The controls are simple: BASS, MID and TREBLE. And while the boost knobs are big and easy to adjust on the stage, the six EQ buttons are tiny, so the idea is clearly to set them once for each channel to sculpt the fundamental tone of the boost channel, and not as a traditional EQ pedal that you could adjust on the fly.

Instead of having an LED for each channel to indicate when it’s active, all three EQ knobs light up, never leaving you in doubt whether a channel is on – or which one that might be…

There are two footswitches and once one of the channels are active, you can press its switch to go bypass, or you can stomp on the other footswitch to switch to the other boost channel. While the nice marketing beauty shots indicate it, you cannot activate both simultaneously.



white headphone with rhythm symbol


NOTE! Please use headphones or ‘real’ speakers. You simply can’t judge low-end material on laptop, tablet or phone speakers…!

NOTE! If you are on a mobile device, please turn it to landscape mode to see the knob settings of the pedal for each audio clip.




A boost pedal should probably just be judged on its ability reproduce a louder, but otherwise unaltered, version of the original signal. That doesn’t allow much wiggle room for standing out on the ‘versatility’ parameter. So, as mentioned, many boost pedals offer additional features that add a higher degree of versatility. The EQ is that ingredient of the Twin Boost.

Therefore, I will actually add this pedal to both the Boost & Drive and Preamp & EQ pedal categories. As a boost pedal, the EQ makes it very versatile, but as an EQ pedal it’s still rudimentary (many other pedals offer semi-parametric bands and/or a split of the mid band into high-mid and low-mid), yet the two channels do make it flexible, and of course the boost function is a plus too.



The Twin Boost feels solid and well thought out. As mentioned, the small EQ knobs are not easy to adjust on the fly, but clearly that has been a deliberate decision – like it or not. Me? I don’t mind it that much, and I do reckon that it may have been what made this very simple design possible. The pedal could easily have been bigger if it should have had two channels with full-size EQ knobs and individual LEDs.



You can still find few new units on Amazon and Ebay in the range of $150-200. Pre-owned they are much cheaper – I picked up mine recently for $65. If you can find it in that pre-owned price range, I deem the value as very for money as very good. Would probably think twice before paying a full $200 for a new pedal, though.



Overall, I like the T-Rex Twin Boost. Many good aspects and a good combination of a simple booster and a simple EQ – or more accurately two of each!



Sounds great as a clean boost

Fairly versatile


Good value for money (pre-owned)



Some noise is introduced

EQ knobs not easily adjustable (not supposed to)

EQ not tailored for bass

A little costly (new)











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