TC Electronic – Sub ‘n’ Up Octaver

This just got out. TC is launching a new TonePrint pedal – and it’s an octave pedal! Apparently, there are TonePrints for both bass and guitar, which makes this an obvious future review candidate.

It might appear to just be another octave pedal, but as we have become used to with the TonePrint concept from TC Electronic, there are some hidden gems under the hood.

First off, there are two lower octaves – classic Boss OC-2 style – but also an upper octave that takes the Sub & Up somewhat into ehx POG territory. And speaking of which, the polyphonic mode along with a built-in TC modulation engine, allows you to create some quite organ-like tones. Kind of like the… electro-harmonix B9 and C9 pedals. Well, I guess it’s safe to conclude that the major pedal makers of the world keep a close eye on each other. Makes sense :-)

Unfortunately, there are no dedicated bass Sub ‘n’ Up video out yet, but in the official release video, there is a neat bass demo at around 1:35.


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