The BIG Envelope Filter Shootout


The ever-growing BIG ENVELOPE FILTER SHOOTOUT features 3 rounds of sound clip comparisons.

  • Round 1 – Fingerstyle
  • Round 2 – Slap
  • Round 3 – Bridge Pickup




Filter pedals are essentially funk machines that create a wah filter that is triggered by the dynamics of your playing. However, there is great variation to be found in the core sound of each ‘touch wah’ pedal, as well as in how you can tweak them and their filter range. Some simply give you 1 or 2 types of basic tones, while others can be tweaked to go from bubbly effects to classic wah and laser-like, zapping sounds.

As there is so much diversity involved when it comes to filter and wah pedals, there are simply 3 sound clips of each pedal in each of the 3 rounds, demonstrating various sounds.


At this point, you can compare these envelope filter pedals:

  1. Boss – FT-2 Dynamic Filter
  2. Eden – CaliforniWAH
  3. Mad Professor – Snow White Bass Auto Wah
  4. MXR – M82 Bass Envelope Filter
  5. VFE Pedals – Mini Mu
  6. Mooer – Bass Sweeper
  7. Boss – SYB-3
  8. EMMA – DiscumBOBulator


You can check out each of these pedals in much greater detail and listen to many more sound clips in the individual reviews.











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