Michael League | 2 Paths to Great-Sounding FX on Bass

Michael League of Snarky Puppy is one hell of a bass player. No doubt there, but apart from being one of the finest groove players of today, he is also great in the field of improvisation. And while the most important thing in any bass solo is of course the notes (and the rests for that matter), you can definitely add to your ways of expression by adding effects.

Michael League is not afraid to do exactly that, and often when he solos with Snarky Puppy, he adds an octave above the dry signal – probably one of the Electro-harmonix POG variants, but we don’t know for sure. In the first video, you can hear what that sound like in the hands of League.

But wait, there is more… :-)

Michael League is also a master at using effects in extremely subtle ways. Check out the second video below, which is a live duo performance of ‘Hallelujah’. Just voice and bass. And listen closely… Notice the very subtle delay that just supports his playing beautifully and how he uses dynamics in his playing to emphasize the delay at times, while it almost disappears in other passages of very soft playing.

Are we Michael League fans? Absolutely. And we also love effects, so when you can have both… What’s not to like!?



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