Pedals Everywhere | Musikmesse 2016

So, we’re at Musikmesse 2016 in Frankfurt. And obviously, the first and most important thing to check out is pedals. Let’s just skip the words for now, and get completely carried away. Beware that GAS may occur as you scroll down… 😉

musikmesse-2016-pedalboard-1 musikmesse-2016-pedalboard-2 musikmesse-2016-pedalboard-3 musikmesse-2016-pedalboard-4 musikmesse-2016-pedalboard-5 musikmesse-2016-pedalboard-6 musikmesse-2016-pedalboard-7 musikmesse-2016-pedalboard-8 musikmesse-2016-pedalboard-9 musikmesse-2016-pedalboard-10 musikmesse-2016-pedalboard-11 musikmesse-2016-pedalboard-12 musikmesse-2016-pedalboard-13 musikmesse-2016-pedalboard-14 musikmesse-2016-pedalboard-15 musikmesse-2016-pedalboard-16 we-love-pedals-1 we-love-pedals-2

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