Walrus Deep Six Enters the BIG Compressor Shootout

The BIG Compressor Shootout keeps growing… The Deep Six compressor from Walrus Audio is the 9th pedal to be added to the BIG Comp shootout.

We were pleasantly surprised by this great compressor that is not made specifically for bass, but still ended up on a shared 3rd position on the Compressor Top 10 list (at the time of writing). You can also check out the full review and many more in-depth sound clips of this pedal right here.

In the meantime, find out how it compares to the Empress Compressor, Mad Professor’s Forest Green, Eden’s WTDI, MXR’s Bass Compressor, Tech 21’s Boost Comp, Wampler’s Ego, the Darkglass Super Symmetry and Diamond’s BCP-1…





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